About Us

Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales (FTWW) is the only patient-led charity in Wales dedicated solely to female health equality.

We support, inform, educate, and empower girls, women and those assigned female at birth (AFAB) in Wales who are suffering a range of health conditions and who are not receiving adequate (or fair) treatment. As ‘experts by experience’, we and our growing team of volunteers, advocate for women’s healthcare needs locally, nationally, and at a UK-level.

We are a formally constituted voluntary / not-for-profit organisation, registered with Community and Voluntary Support Conwy, a member of both the Wales Council for Voluntary Action and Disability Wales. In August 2020, we became a registered charity (registered charity number 1191069).

Our patient engagement activities include:

  • a very active online support group for those based in / receiving healthcare in Wales;
  • email assistance;
  • online and in-person support group meetings and events;
  • facilitation of focus groups for government, healthcare, and education providers

External engagement activities include:

  • giving patient-focused presentations to a range of agencies, including Welsh Government, NHS Wales, Wales-based education providers;
  • advocating for patients / FTWW members on a number of boards, panels, and groups across the UK;
  • providing education sessions for clinicians;
  • representing the patient / FTWW members’ concerns in written contributions to Welsh Government consultations and similar
  • Co-chairing the #WomensHealthWales coalition, successfully influencing the Welsh Government to develop a Women’s Health Plan for Wales. 

You can find all of our collaborations here, and click on the condition-specific tabs at the top of the page to find out more about our work across Wales. 

Click here to find out more about why FTWW has to exist and do what we do.

How you can contact us and follow our updates:

Email: info@ftww.org.uk

Our Facebook page and our Facebook group, for patients.

Twitter: @FTWW_Wales

Instagram: @ftww_wales