FTWW Collaborates with BBC Radio Wales on Endometriosis Documentary

FTWW was absolutely delighted with BBC Radio Wales’s 30 minute documentary on Endometriosis, broadcast on the 7th March 2018, as part of its ‘Eye On Wales’ series.

Journalist, Selma Chalabi, collaborated with us on the programme and very much did the issues justice, incorporating personal stories, expert opinions, and our work in a compelling and engaging way.

Thank you, Selma – we can safely say that we were proud to be involved in the project and hope to work with you again in the future!

Thanks to those that participated and bravely shared their stories.

As far as endometriosis goes, this month marks the end of the dedicated Welsh Government’s Task & Finish group’s efforts, as we finalise our recommendations to NHS Wales. We have now been invited to participate in the ensuing Implementation Group, to ensure that our recommendations are fulfilled as far as possible.

Be assured that FTWW is determined to see common sense prevail for the thousands of women suffering with this disease so that the generations coming after us really do have a bright, YELLOW, future in these green hills!

Listen here!