FTWW is now a Registered Charity!

Up until now, FTWW has been a formally constituted not-for-profit organisation, registered with Community and Voluntary Support Conwy, and a member of the Wales Council for Voluntary Action. We’re still those things but can now add registered charity to our status.

FTWW is at a very exciting point in its development, with August 2020 marking a change in our status to registered charity with the Charity Commission, registered charity number 1191069. 

What does this development mean for FTWW? As a registered charity, more doors are opened to us in terms of public recognition and increased awareness of women’s health issues in Wales. It will also enable us to attract more members, and ensure our long-term sustainability through various fundraising activities.

This is a really positive step for us, growing our capacity to call for ‘Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales’.