FTWW Member and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Patient, Inspires BBC Casualty Storyline!

In May of last year, FTWW posted up an advertisement from BBC TV’s Casualty, never expecting that one of our members would be one of the successful applicants, recruited to help producers write a storyline about her experiences of EDS!

‘Casualty’ is a hugely popular Welsh export, known for ‘telling stories about real people in real situations’, and as the show moved forward into its fourth decade, BBC Wales decided to fund a scheme that would actively involve disabled people living in Wales in its creation of new storylines.

FTWW was absolutely thrilled when Ruth Appleby, one of our increasing number of members with EDS, a genetic condition which affects connective tissue throughout the body, was selected to re-create her story for filming and broadcast on March 24th of this year.

Ruth’s storyline very much focused on the disbelief and misdiagnoses that plague many EDS patients, with symptoms often initially thought to be psychological in origin. The constant pleas of the fictional patient to be heard rang true for many of those within FTWW and beyond!

We couldn’t be more proud of Ruth, knowing how harrowing it can be to re-live one’s negative experiences. The show did an excellent job in portraying the issues in a sensitive, compelling way. Thanks go to BBC Wales and the cast & crew of ‘Casualty’ for enabling this to happen, and raising much-needed awareness of EDS.