The Future is Bright for Endometriosis Patients in Wales!

The future is bright; the future is YELLOW! Endometriosis patients finally being made a priority in Wales and not before time, thank you NHS Wales!

Friday, 10th of March was a highly significant day for endometriosis patients in Wales. On the back of FTWW’s report, ‘Making the Case for Better Endometriosis Treatment in Wales’, Welsh Government and NHS Wales decided that a task and finish group was needed to completely redesign strategy for patients here.

The task and finish group comprises the Cardiff specialist endo team; the gynae clinical leads from all the Welsh health boards; a director of nursing; a pelvic physio; a pelvic pain specialist, and a health psychologist. To be added to the group will be a GP representative, a health economist, a tech / software engineer – and anyone else we feel will be useful to our work going forward.

The day was invigorating and empowering. We are pleased to announce that, in short, everything for which FTWW has been calling:

  • GP training to reduce the diagnostic delay;
  • gynaecologists trained in excision instead of ablation;
  • clear, consistent referral pathways;
  • potentially more endo centres;
  • a holistic package of care for patients, to include pain-management and other additional therapies for maintenance and follow-up;
  • proper integration of the 3rd sector, ie FTWW;
  • resources for local education authorities and school nurses to ensure endo is part of the PSHE curriculum,

has been agreed as essential for a forward-looking, ambitious endometriosis service in Wales.

We have now broken the larger group into four working groups, focused on specific areas of the envisaged service, who will report back in June.

Watch this space!