Endometriosis Care in Wales is at Crisis Point

The FTWW logo with a yellow ribbon that reads 'endometriosis'

Since FTWW first came into being at the end of 2014, we have campaigned for better endometriosis care in Wales. This was made very clear in the 2018 report we co-produced with Welsh Government’s all-Wales Endometriosis Task & Finish Group.

Right now, however, endometriosis provision throughout Wales is at crisis point. There are no endometriosis specialists in Mid or North Wales (although work is underway to improve provision in the latter), and access to specialists in England or Cardiff is not easily achieved. The two remaining endometriosis specialists in Cardiff are becoming increasingly inaccessible, with NHS waiting lists for surgery with them exceeding FIVE YEARS, and many out-of-area referrals being refused. Endometriosis patients are being failed and urgent action is needed.

Earlier this month, we met with Welsh Government’s Head of Women and Children’s Health Branch, to apprise him of the situation. We will, of course, keep members and subscribers posted on progress.

In the meantime, one of FTWW’s supporters (and our latest volunteer!) Beth Hales, has set up a petition to the Senedd for those in Wales needing to access endometriosis services, which you can sign here.

Her story and reasons for starting the petition also feature on Nation Cymru.

For more information about the situation here in Wales, please read (and share!) our Facebook update.