Endometriosis affects at least one in ten women, girls and people assigned female at birth.

For the benefit of girls and women in Wales who feel they need a relatively short explanation of the nature of endometriosis, and potential treatment options, FTWW has created two downloadable one-page Endometriosis information leaflets. These can be used to help understand the FACTS about endo. as well as potentially be given to other interested parties, family members, educators or employers to help them appreciate this chronic disease and how it might affect sufferers.


FTWW is working hard to combat taboos around periods and related pain. It is vital that women and girls feel able to speak up about symptoms, challenge stereotypes and myths, and are sufficiently empowered to seek early diagnosis and effective treatment.

FTWW has compiled a detailed report into the situation regarding endometriosis treatment in Wales, including an examination of how current strategy is failing patients, and recommendations as to how things might be improved.

The report, ‘Making the Case for Better Endometriosis Treatment in Wales’ can be accessed here.

FTWW was very fortunate recently, to succeed in having a poster, entitled, ‘The GP’s Role in Improving the Lives of Endometriosis Patients’ accepted for display at the annual Royal College of GPs Conference, 2016.

The poster can be accessed here.

Useful Endometriosis Resources


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