• FTWW in The News: Financial Times

    FTWW Vice Chair, Rachel Rowlands, a white woman with long blonde hair looks straight to camera. She's wearing red lipstick and a black dress with floral print. It's a bright, sunny day and behind her is a colourful row of beach huts.

    FTWW Vice Chair, Rachel Rowlands. © Gareth Iwan Jones/FT

    FTWW Vice-Chair, Rachel, and volunteer, Lara were recently interviewed by the Financial Times, discussing their experiences of health care here in Wales. The UK-wide newspaper was focusing on the upcoming elections and the Welsh NHS, and the Journalist behind the piece, Andrew Bounds, was incredibly grateful to our volunteers for being so open and willing to share their stories.

    The article explores the issues patients in Wales can experience when trying to access secondary or tertiary care – especially when those services aren’t available in their own health board. For women, these difficulties are often compounded by a global lack of recognition for their specific health needs.

    A huge thank you to Rachel and Lara for sharing their time and experiences. 

    You can read the article in full, here.

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