FTWW Included in BBC Fertility Coverage

A screenshot of the BBC News article, with the headline 'Pregnancy: IVF clinics 'can't just tell women to lose weight', with a photo of Rachel, a white woman with blonde hair.
‘Desperate women will take desperate measures’ when it comes to trying to lose weight in order to be allowed access to fertility treatment, says Dee, FTWW Engagement Officer.
We hear all too often from our members and beyond that those struggling with health conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), key symptoms of which can be weight gain and infertility are simply told to lose weight when trying to get pregnant, with little to no understanding of why they might be finding it difficult.
The effect on mental health can be significant, not least because there are strict time-limits on fertility treatment which, some tell us, makes losing weight gradually and safely very challenging.
Thank you to both Dee and FTWW member, Rachel, for contributing to today’s BBC coverage of such a sensitive topic. You can read it here.