FTWW Initiates TPN Crisis News Coverage

A news item initiated by FTWW and its members is to be aired TONIGHT on BBC Radio Wales.

The piece explores the difficulties accessing parenteral nutrition (ie those who have to receive nutrients via a line into a vein because their digestive systems no longer function), a growing crisis in Wales.

It will air on BBC Radio Wales tonight at 6.30pm. It then goes in to BBC Sounds for 30 days. Just go to BBC Sounds and search for ‘Eye On Wales’. You can also go to the programme from the BBC Wales website – it will go in to it straight after transmission.

There is also a piece today on the BBC Wales news website which features Jenny’s story.

Jenny will talk live tonight on BBC Radio Wales at about 5.15pm.

Thank you to you all of those patients in Wales who provided their stories for this piece. So many are living with these issues silently, invisibly – this documentary will highlight their struggles and, with luck, facilitate positive change.