FTWW Launches Menopause Campaign


FTWW can’t help but get heated over the following:

Women make up 52% of the population in Wales – and with more and more of us having children later in life, caring for older relatives, or working for longer as retirement ages rise, the fact that MENOPAUSE remains an unspoken mystery to so many women, their families, and employers is shocking – especially as FTWW has learned that more than 10% of women suffering severe menopause symptoms leave work as a result.

For about half of women going through the menopause at any one time, about half of those will suffer debilitating symptoms – and hot flushes can be the least of them. Incredibly, Wales only has 2 menopause clinics set up to help women deal with these issues, both of which run one day per week. Needless to say, this level of provision cannot possibly cope with demand.

FTWW, in collaboration with one of its members, Lisa Nicholls, is heading up a campaign for better: more information widely available to women going through menopausal changes; GPs made more aware of symptoms and benefits of HRT, and more multi-disciplinary menopause clinics across Wales, easily accessible to every woman who needs their help.

Let’s face it – Mums, Daughters, Grans, Aunties, Sisters, Friends – WOMEN – do a lot to keep Welsh society functioning; isn’t it about time we returned the favour?

Sign our petition to Welsh Government and show your support – thank you!

Media Coverage:

The Campaign for Improved Menopause Services in Wales is being launched today – on social media, our website AND more traditional media, including BBC Wales radio, TV and S4C!

There will be a half-hour radio documentary ‘Eye On Wales’ on the topic of Menopause Treatment in Wales broadcast today on BBC Radio Wales at 6.30pm which will go on to iPlayer shortly after where it will stay for 30 days. Just google BBC Eye On Wales and you should be able to navigate to the right page. You can also download it as a podcast.

BBC News Online is also planning to run a story in the morning as well as a short video for Facebook (which will comprise FTWW member, Helen’s story). Radio Wales is also making a short film for Facebook too (featuring campaign lead, Lisa’s story).

‘Good Morning Wales’ (the morning news programme on BBC Radio Wales) will be running a nice 4 minute package as well as bulletin clips throughout their show (that’s unless something big happens which throws it all off – let’s hope not)!

Last but not least, BBC Wales Today (television news) which broadcasts on BBC One at 6.30pm will also feature our campaign (subject to what else happens in the world of news, of course), along with Welsh-speaking TV channel, S4C, at 9pm, featuring FTWW members, Llinos and Annwen!

Keep your EYES and EARS glued / tuned – and thank you to all of our contributors!

Please share the online news story and FB films and even the radio programme as far and wide as possible!