FTWW Writes to the Welsh Government to get Menstrual Wellbeing on the School Curriculum

The new Education Department Bill introduced in July will see schools in Wales prepare for the biggest change in education for generations. The new curriculum replaces traditional academic subjects with six new Areas of Learning Experience (AoLEs).  At present, the curriculum offers schools the flexibility to decide whether or not to teach menstrual wellbeing. This has the potential to see the topic overlooked, leaving young people without the information they need to know what a normal menstrual cycle is, and when to seek medical help.

On September 22nd FTWW in collaboration with Endometriosis UK sent a letter calling for compulsory Menstrual Wellbeing education in Wales to the Children and Young People’s Education (CYPE) Committee, where the new curriculum for Wales has its final level of scrutiny before becoming law. The letter will be followed up with a full report from FTWW comprising of testimonies from women across Wales, and an examination of how the new school curriculum interacts with existing legislation and conventions.

FTWW will continue to work hard to ensure the next generation of Welsh youth is informed about menstrual wellbeing and, as potential medical professionals of the future, able to provide the best medical care for women.