FTWW’s Focus Groups

FTWW invited members from our online forum to participate in a series of focus groups that were held online between the 7th and 12th of October. The particpants in each session were asked to share their views regarding:

  1. Women’s Health-Related Priorities
  2. The future of FTWW
  3. Developing local peer support and involvement in health services within the different localities in Wales.

The 90-minute sessions didn’t quite seem long enough to discuss everything. Everyone attending was given time to share their suggestions and their stories, and we were able to see themes emerging on the work that still needs to be done.

The women’s health care priorities, as discussed by the focus groups, will be included in FTWW’s manifesto for political parties to consider in their campaign at the 2021 Senedd elections.

FTWW’s new strategy will be focusing its efforts over the next few years on the areas suggested by the participants, and looking to develop local peer support, and working relationships with health boards across Wales.

The Focus Groups were funded by Rosa: the UK Fund for Women & Girls. 

Our sincerest gratitude to all those involved.