FTWW’s Young Members’ Endo Stories in Wales on Sunday and Wales Online

We are delighted to see our young, brave, FTWW members’ emotional and empowering endometriosis stories being featured in a two page article in Wales on Sunday today, for endometriosis awareness week 2017. This follows on from the amazing coverage they received on Wales Online. Great to see them take control of their care, and getting a positive outcome.

“For young women and girls, in particular, it is vital that they feel able to speak up about symptoms, challenge stereotypes and myths, and are sufficiently empowered to seek early diagnosis and effective treatment.”

Fantastic to have such prominent, mainstream, endo awareness!

Thank you both so much for having the courage to speak out; your experiences will help many others.

Huge thanks once again, to Victoria Jones, Wales on Sunday, and WalesOnline for working with us on this.