Gender Health Inequality Gets a Red Card in Feminist Scorecard

A group of women standing together at the launch of the feminist scorecardFTWW was pleased to be amongst a number of charities asked by WEN Wales and Oxfam Cymru to contribute insights to their Feminist Scorecard for 2022.

The Scorecard aims to provide a series of snapshots of Welsh Government’s performance in six key areas for women’s equality in Wales and this year’s version illustrated that much needs to be done if Wales is to be a feminist nation, with FTWW volunteer, Beth, leading discussion on health inequalities at the Scorecard’s Community Launch on July 13th.

Despite the ‘red card’ for health equality, FTWW is optimistic that a growing focus on women’s health and recent commitments from the Welsh Government will start to pay dividends – hopefully in time for the next iteration of the Scorecard!