ITV Wales News Covers Contraception Delays

an IUD (coil) lies on a blue, pink and yellow backgroundThere are concerns women are at risk of unwanted pregnancies in some parts of Wales due to “significant” delays within sexual health services, as reported by ITV Wales. 

FTWW told ITV News that it is “vital” that women are able to access the treatment they need “as soon as possible”.

“’It’s important to realise that these devices can be used both for contraception and relief of symptoms from gynaecological health conditions. Issues like pelvic pain and heavy bleeding can have a really significant and detrimental impact on women’s lives and we know that many of those affected can find it difficult to cope at work and at home as a result of their symptoms. 

“We hope that as planned gynaecology services are now being prioritised in Wales, this will start to make a positive difference for patients.”

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