ITV Wales This Week: Living In Pain – documentary shines spotlight on Endometriosis crisis in Wales

presenter Alex, who has long dark straight hair and is wearing a pink jumper, speaks to Endometriosis specialist Richard Penketh, who is wearing green clinical scrubs. He is showing her endometriosis tissue on a laptop screen

Endometriosis specialist Richard Penketh shows images of endometriosis to ITV Wales presenter Alexandra Hartely












A number of FTWW volunteers and supporters featured in Alexandra Hartley’s documentary for ITV Wales This Week: Living In Pain, which covered the issues facing endometriosis patients in Wales – including a lack of specialists and access to them, long waiting times for surgery, and the average diagnosis time of nine years – the longest in all of the home nations. 

Dee Montague

Dee, FTWW’s Engagement Officer, was interviewed for the programme and had this to say, ‘We need urgent intervention from Welsh Government…If you put ten of your female friends or colleagues in a room, at least one of them will have this condition and they deserve robust support to help them manage their symptoms physically and mentally’.

Meanwhile, Eluned Morgan, Wales’s Health Minister acknowledges that, ‘there is a difficulty in endometriosis in Wales, we recognise it…There’s a lot more we can do – we need to put a lot more focus on women’s health issues’.

FTWW’s work continues – not least in supporting the Welsh Government to better appreciate the impact of conditions like endometriosis and to ensure that strategies around them are co-produced and services meet patient needs.

If you missed it, you can tune in here.

We’d like to thank Alex and her team, and all who took part in the programme for shining a light on such an important – and common – issue.