Members of the Senedd Echo FTWW Calls

The Senedd building in Cardiff Bay

We were encouraged this month to hear Members of the Senedd echo FTWW’s calls around Women’s Health during recent plenary sessions. 

On the 18th January, Heledd Fychan MS raised concerns around the gender health gap, lack of investment in female health, intersectionality and the impact of the pandemic on women’s health to the Health Minister in a question a

bout the Women’s Health Plan. Plenary 18/01/2023 – Welsh Parliament (

Rhun ap Iorwerth MS also asked questions about the WHSSC’s suggested changes to fertility services in Wales, echoing concerns around the consultation and the risk of removing access to those who need it. We were encouraged by Lesley Griffiths MS’s response which indicated that the WHSSC is looking to strengthen support for additional female health conditions more broadly. Read the full exchange here: Plenary 17/01/2023 – Welsh Parliament (