Report: Menopause Services in Wales

In July 2018, FTWW launched its #NotJustHotFlushes campaign to raise awareness of the healthcare issues being experienced by women going through menopause in Wales.

The hash-tag was created in response to a petition for improved menopause care started by FTWW member, Lisa Nicholls, a petition which now includes over 1000 signatures, most with additional comments, and personal stories from across Wales.

Alongside the petition, FTWW’s participation in the first-ever All-Wales Menopause Summit has enabled us to gather valuable evidence for our report, ‘Making the Case for Better Menopause Services in Wales’, a report we are excited to share with you now.

The report aims to examine the current situation in Wales where menopause care is concerned, including:

· the lack of consistent information and awareness of menopausal symptoms being encountered

· the long-term health issues and costs incurred by a failure to provide gold-standard care

· the need for more and easier access to personnel trained in menopause, including specialist clinics, and

· the role of Public Health Wales in making something that will affect 52% of the population a key area for investment.

Fundamentally, however, the report provides a whole host of lived experiences and commentary, as well as offering Welsh Government and the 7 health boards in Wales a range of solutions to the real-life issues being encountered by women across Wales who have gone through, or are currently going through, menopause.

We hope to see positive action from Welsh Government on the back of this report and look forward to providing more updates in due course.

View it in full here: ‘Making the Case for Better Menopause Services in Wales’.

To show your support, please sign and share the petition. 

Furthermore, we would urge those affected to contact their AM and MP, asking them to write to Vaughan Gething, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services, supporting the report’s recommendations. Thank you!