Menstrual Wellbeing Education: Bringing back the Amendment to the Education Curriculum Bill

“This is not a Cinderella disease; it is a real ugly sister of disease”, were the strong words from MS Suzy Davies addressing the Senedd yesterday. MS Davies, once again, making the case on why Menstrual Wellbeing Education needs to be made mandatory in schools in Wales.

Ms Davies has lived with Endometriosis all her life, and has spoken about her own situation time and time again, exposing the determinantal effects of having a condition that goes undiagnosed for years sometimes decades, and is largely ignored by society.

Disappointed that the amendment to include Menstrual Wellbeing as mandatory in the Education Bill was voted against in January, MS Davies said she planned to bring back the amendment at a later stage.  See MS Davies reaction on her Facebook Page.

Women in Wales wait an average of 9 years for a diagnosis, and there have been further delays due to the coronavirus restrictions. MS Davies pointed out that teaching everything about menstruation in schools to all pupils would lead to a greater awareness of the condition from a younger age and would help reduce diagnosis times.

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