Our First Office / Fundraising Appeal!

FTWW Update and Big Announcement

We are finally in a position to announce that FTWW has received funding from Rosa – The Fund for Women & Girls for ONE year, specifically to cover the cost of renting an office space here in North Wales, AND to pay a person one day a week to do administrative duties for the organisation (again, only for one year in the first instance).

FTWW ‘HQ’ is finally a reality!


SECONDLY, we’ve also received a grant from the National Lottery’s Awards for All programme to deliver the first ever Women’s Health Equality Event (WHEE 4 Wales!) in Wales, which we’ve pencilled in for October 23rd. Trust us, YOU are going to be MASSIVELY involved in the design, delivery, and purpose of the event, so please keep an eye out for more information coming very soon!

THIRDLY, and here is the downer… We haven’t yet managed to source any external sources of funds for actual every day running costs of the organisation – and, by that, we mean travel expenses, printing costs, workshop costs, meeting room hire, stationery, phone bill, ink, etc, etc, etc… We are, currently, completely reliant upon donations and the good will of volunteers (Our CEO, and all ‘staff’ members are currently unpaid volunteers too). Of course, our efforts to find secure and sustainable funding will continue but, in the meantime, things are looking slightly precarious, to say the least!

We are absolutely desperate for supporters to do fundraising events, so please, please, please, if you think that FTWW is doing good work (and by all means have a read through the website if you’re not convinced!) then please do whatever you can to fund-raise (so long as it’s legal?!), whether it’s a sponsored sleep (yay!) or getting someone else to do something more active.

Details of how to make a donation can be found here.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! And watch this space for more exciting developments about the WHEE!, a Menopause Summit, meetings with ministers, and lots more!