Rosa ‘Voices From The Frontline’ Grant

FTWW is thrilled to have been awarded a ‘Voices From the Frontline‘ grant, aimed at ensuring that women have their voices heard at the highest levels. For FTWW, that means continuing to advocate for women and girls living with a range of health conditions, and whose healthcare needs are not necessarily being met in Wales.

Our work empowers those women by providing them with information and support, giving them the confidence to challenge poor treatment and insist on better. On a wider level, we ensure that their experiences are represented far and wide, in Wales and beyond, including health boards, government, and medical colleges, lobbying, advising, and co-producing services which are fit for purpose and effective.

Like Rosa we believe change comes about when women who have lived experience of injustice and inequality get heard. With this grant, FTWW can continue to get to the places where decisions about our health services are made and carry on creating and supplying much-needed patient-led educational resources for both patients and healthcare providers.

Thank you, Rosa!