presenter Alex, who has long dark straight hair and is wearing a pink jumper, speaks to Endometriosis specialist Richard Penketh, who is wearing green clinical scrubs. He is showing her endometriosis tissue on a laptop screen

ITV Wales This Week: Living In Pain – documentary shines spotlight on Endometriosis crisis in Wales

                      A number of FTWW volunteers and supporters featured in Alexandra Hartley’s documentary for ITV Wales This Week: Living In Pain, which covered the issues facing endometriosis patients in Wales – including a lack of specialists and access to them, long waiting times for surgery, and the average diagnosis time of nine years – the longest in all of the home nations.  Dee, FTWW’s Engagement Officer, was interviewed for the programme and had this to say, ‘We need urgent intervention from Welsh Government…If you put ten of your female friends or…

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Beth Hales, FTWW Volunteer, presents the petition to Jenny Rathbone and a number of MSes.

Petition to Improve Endometriosis Healthcare in Wales Delivered to The Senedd

Calls for urgent action on waiting lists, more specialist staff and an end to the postcode lottery impacting endometriosis patients across Wales. Support from Sian Harries, Amelia Womack, Jenny Rathbone MS, and patient-led women’s health charity Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales. A petition calling for Welsh Government to Improve Endometriosis Healthcare in Wales was handed in to Jenny Rathbone MS, Chair of the Women’s Health Cross Party Group, at the Senedd today (Wednesday 2nd February 2022). The charity Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales (FTWW) is warning that care for Welsh patients is in crisis and needs…

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Endometriosis Care in Wales Event – Follow-up Report

In March, FTWW co-hosted ‘Improving Endometriosis Care in Wales – A Panel Discussion’, in partnership with Endometriosis UK and Fertility Network UK.  For those who missed it or would like to watch again, visit: Improving Endometriosis Care in Wales: A panel discussion – YouTube. We posed attendees’ questions to Richard Penketh and Liz Bruen from the Cardiff BSGE Endometriosis Centre, and Welsh Government. You can read their responses in our report: Improving Endometriosis Care in Wales – Follow-up Report. If you need the report in an alternative format, please email our Engagement Officer, Dee, at 

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Improving Endometriosis Care in Wales: A Panel Event

On Wednesday 24 March, as part of Endometriosis Awareness Month, FTWW joined forces with Endometriosis UK and Fertility Network UK to host ‘Improving Endometriosis Care in Wales: A Panel Discussion’. FTWW members Anna Cooper and Gemma Doherty shared their powerful stories as patient representatives. They were joined on the panel by Mr Richard Penketh and Liz Bruen, key members of Cardiff’s specialist endometriosis team, Professor Jason Kasraie, Head of Fertility Services at Shrewsbury and Telford, Dr Anne Connolly, the Royal College of GPs’ Women’s Health Champion, and Senedd Member, Jenny Rathbone, Chair of the Women’s Health Cross Party Group. There was lots of positive discussion about projects in…

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The Future is Bright for Endometriosis Patients in Wales!

The future is bright; the future is YELLOW! Endometriosis patients finally being made a priority in Wales and not before time, thank you NHS Wales! Friday, 10th of March was a highly significant day for endometriosis patients in Wales. On the back of FTWW’s report, ‘Making the Case for Better Endometriosis Treatment in Wales’, Welsh Government and NHS Wales decided that a task and finish group was needed to completely redesign strategy for patients here. The task and finish group comprises the Cardiff specialist endo team; the gynae clinical leads from all the Welsh health boards; a director of nursing; a…

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