The webinar flyer, showing details and FTWW and FNUK logos, as well as an illustration of people holding hands.

Watch our Webinar: Getting the Most from Your Medical Appointments

We were really pleased to co-host this event with Fertility Network UK Cymru on June 19th. We were joined by FTWW member and Hormone & Mindset Coach, Laura Teare-Jones, who offered practical tips on how to prepare for healthcare appointments. Alongside her was Angela Mutlow, from Llais, an independent statutory body set up by the Welsh Government both to provide support to those wishing to make a complaint about their care and to give the people of Wales much more say in the planning and delivery of health and care services. Whether you are on a fertility journey or not, we are sure you…

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Rachel Rowlands

FTWW Included in BBC Fertility Coverage

  ‘Desperate women will take desperate measures’ when it comes to trying to lose weight in order to be allowed access to fertility treatment, says Dee, FTWW Engagement Officer.   We hear all too often from our members and beyond that those struggling with health conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), key symptoms of which can be weight gain and infertility are simply told to lose weight when trying to get pregnant, with little to no understanding of why they might be finding it difficult.   The effect on mental health can be significant, not least because there are strict…

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