Welsh Government Commits to all-Wales Menopause Pathway

Dr Louise Newson and Dot Davies sit together on a small blue sofa in Dr Newson's office. They are both looking at the camera and smiling.

Dr Louise Newson and Dot Davies

You may have seen Dot Davies’ ITV Wales documentary on Menopause, This Week: Tackling The Menopause Taboo, which followed the results of an ITV Cymru Wales survey, which found that more than a third of women said they have considered giving up their work because of their menopause symptoms. In addition, 60% said their symptoms have had a negative impact on their work, with 25% saying they did not feel supported by the workplace while experiencing menopause symptoms.

We were delighted that the programme ended with a commitment from Welsh Government to an all-Wales menopause pathway providing same high standard care irrespective of location, which is in line with our #NotJustHotFlushes campaign calls!