Petition: Women in Wales deserve better miscarriage support from the Welsh NHS

FTWW is pleased and excited to announce a new campaign – please read, sign, comment, and SHARE! Thank you!

As many will know, FTWW was set up to challenge the unfair treatment experienced by women in Wales, a big factor in which is the NHS system which prevents us accessing care outside of our own health board. We started off with endometriosis, but are starting to embrace new issues, providing support, advice – and lobbying Welsh Government. It is now the turn of miscarriage services.

Jessica Evans recently joined FTWW, keen for us to work together on a campaign she has initiated. Jess informed us that, in Wales, there are NO specialised miscarriage services, and what is available locally is run by general gynaecologists, with little to no expertise in this area. All specialist care and research is undertaken in England – and, as many of us know, getting to it can be a harrowing (if impossible) task, when women are at their lowest ebb.

1 in 4 women will suffer a miscarriage in their lifetime, and evidence shows that a significant proportion of those will subsequently develop PTSD, not least because the care and support available in Wales can be patchy and poor quality.

Very sadly, we know that many of women reading this will have gone through the devastation of at least one miscarriage and so we are calling upon you to respond, if you can, to the petition Jess has created. It calls upon the Welsh Assembly to provide quality, specialised miscarriages services so that women in Wales can access the care they both need and deserve.

It also asks you to leave comments about your experiences – so, if you could do that either on the petition, or, if you prefer, please just send us a message; we’d be incredibly grateful. The data / your comments will be HUGELY valuable in our creation of a report to Welsh Gov’t (exactly as we did with endometriosis) to make the case for change. We really can make it happen, if we all pull together!

THANK YOU so much for your help!